Editorial: SCRIBNER

Edición: 1, 2003

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"A humanely forgiving story about love ... Brick Lane ma ire li?s first novel, but it is written with a wisdom-and shill that few authors attain in a lifetime." Hailed by the London Obserrer as "one of the most signrifsh novelists of her generation" Monica Ali has a stunningly accomplished debut about one outsider?ser voice. Nazneen, raised in a Bangladeshi village, carries her sense of fatalism across continents to London, where she is married off t o Charm, a man old enough to be her father. For years she keeps house, cares for her husband, and bears children. But gradually she questions whether fate controls her or whether she has a hand in her own destiny. To her own amazement, Nazneen falls in love with a young man.She discovers the complexity that comes with free choice and the depth of her attaelunent to her husband, her daughters, and her new world. Profoundly humane and beautifully rendered, Brick Lane captures a world at once unimaginable and achingly familiar,

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