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Edición: 1, 2005

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Bestselling author Jeff Long's apocalyptic thriller Year Zero was hailed as "superbly original ... terrifying and exquisite." Dan Brown, #1 bestselling author of The Da Vinci Code Now Long enters new territory with an inttate,suspense-charged journey into the Vietnam War's haunting legacy. The killing fields of Cambodia hold nightmarish secrets of the past and the present for Molly Drake, an intrepid photojournalist covering the U.S. military's search for the remains of an American pilot shot down during the Vietnam War. A flight helmet buried among the Khmer Rouge victims is her first discovery and far from the most explosive. Led by a mysterious expatriate to the ruins of an ancient city, Molly embarks on a harrowing search for evidence of an entire GI patrol, lost thirty years ago. Now as a typhoon descends on the remote jungle fortress, Molly discovers that a war she never knew never ended-and it's up to her to solve a forgotten murder among the warriors left behind.... Jeff Long's unnerving novel of predation, betrayal, and resurrection is a masterwork of "excellent storytelling".

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