Editorial: POCKET BOOKS (US)

Edición: 1, 2004

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Sandra Brown, one of the world's bestselling authors of sophisticated suspense, delivers a thrilling new novel of riveting intrigue, fiery emotion, and unforgettable characters. It's as sultry as a Louisiana summer, and it's Sandra Brown at her very best. White hot When she learns that her younger brother Danny has committed suicide, Sayre Lynch breaks her vow never to return to Destiny, the small Louisiana town where she grew up. Here she is drawn back into the web cast by her tyrannical father. As she feared, her father and older brother-who control Destiny's sole industry, an iron foundry-are as corrupt as ever. Worse, they have a new partner in crime, a canny and disarming lawyer named Beck Merchant. When the police determine that her brother's suicide was, in fact, a homicide, tensions threaten to ignite a powder keg of old hatreds, past crimes, and a surprising plan of revenge. Now Sayre must battle with her family-and with her emotions over her love/hate relationship with Beck ... a man with his own secret agenda.

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