"Social capitalism connecting wealth to the bottom of the pyramid"

Autor: Jaime Calderón, Guillermo

Editorial: Porrúa Print

Edición: 1, 2016

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Some social entrepreneurs act as if they were playing in a preschool soccer team. Everyone in running afther the ball with no specific strategy or discipline. On the other hand there are those social entrepreneurs who actually organize their companies like a professional team, placing the pieces where they need to be. This reflection, drawn from one of Guillermo Jaime's professors at Harvard Business School, inspired the author to share his vision on business in general and certain business concepts such as The Blue Ocean Strategy: The Bottom of the Pyramid, on how companies can create a large-scale, positive impact for society. Yes, it is possible to help people who have fewer monetary means in a way that ir is economically successful. This boo pushes entrepreneurs, leaders, the authorities, and organizations of all kinds to think big, build socially sustainable companies, and take up a business model that can make an impact on the world: Social Capitalism.

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